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  • Mar 2017 NEW!
    [Lecture] Lecture by Dr. David Herbschleb,"Coherent control of trapped-charge induced resonances"「PDF
  • Mar 2017 NEW!
    [Paper] "Fast Phase-manipulation of the Single Nuclear Spin in Solids by Rotating Fields"was published in Physical Review A, 95, 032316 (2017)
  • Mar 2017
    [Lecture] Lecture by Prof. Igor Aharonovich, "Quantum Emitters in Flatland"「PDF
  • Nov 2016
    [Paper] "Hybrid quantum magnetic field sensor with an electron spin and a nuclear spin in diamond"was published in Physical Review A 94, 052330 (2016)
  • Oct 2016
    [Paper] "Manipulation of single nanodiamonds to ultrathin fiber-taper nanofibers and control of NV-spin states toward fiber-integrated λ-systems"was published in Nanotechnology, 27, 455202 (2016)
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Open position

  • Our laboratory is inviting applications for a Postdoc Position (an Assitant Professor). The successful candidate will take part in a collaborative project that involves research on NV center for quantum sensing and/or quantum information science.
    See details「PDF