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  • Jun 2021 NEW!
    [Press release] Daicel Corporation announced the results of the collaborative research in a press release. "First Fluorescent Single-digit Nanometer-sized SiV Nanodiamond developed by Daicel" [Press release PDF]
  • May 2021
    [Paper] "Direct writing of high density nitrogen-vacancy centers inside diamond by femtosecond laser irradiation" was published in Applied Physics Letters, 118, 214001 (2021)
  • Apr 2021
    [New member] Mikihiro KUBOTA, Nene HARIKI and Taisei YAMAUCHI have joined our group as B4 Students.
  • Mar 2021
    [Paper] "Shallow NV centers augmented by exploiting n-type diamond" was published in Carbon, 178, 294-300 (2021)
  • Feb 2021
    [Paper] "Room temperature hyperpolarization of polycrystalline samples with optically polarized triplet electrons: Pentacene or Nitrogen-Vacancy center in diamond?" was published in Magnetic Resonance, 2, 33?48 (2021)
  • Feb 2021
    [Promotion] Program-Specific Researcher Naoya MORIOKA has been promoted to Assistant Professor.
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