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  • Sep 2019 NEW!
    [Paper] "Extension of the Coherence Time by Generating MW Dressed States in a Single NV Centre in Diamond" was published in Scientific Reports, 9, 13318 (2019)
  • Sep 2019 NEW!
    [Paper] "Bandwidth analysis of AC magnetic field sensing based on electronic spin double resonance of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond" was published in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 58, 100901 (2019)
  • Aug 2019 NEW!
    [Paper] "Ultra-long coherence times amongst room-temperature solid-state spins" was published in Nature Communications, 10, 3766 (2019)
    The longest electron spin coherence times among room-temperature solid-state spins and the highest sensitivity of single NV center at room temperature could be realized by n-type diamond.
  • Aug 2019
    [Seminar] Seminar by Dr. C. Nebel (Fraunhofer Institute forApplied Solid State Physics, Germany),
    "Diamond, a great material for future applications."
    11:00, 22th August, M-342C, Uji Campus Main Building
  • Aug 2019
    [Paper] "Experimental demonstration of two-photon magnetic resonances in a single-spin system of a solid" was published in Physical Review A, 100, 023801 (2019)
  • April 2019
    [New member] Masahiro Fujie and Kanako Muramatsu have joined our group as Students.
  • April 2019
    [New member] Miki Kimura have joined our group as a Secretary.
  • April 2019
    [New member] Kazuki Takemura have joined our group as a Researcher.
  • March 2019
    [Seminar] Seminar by Dr. Michael Hanks (National Institute of Informatics),
    "Spin Measurement of Negatively-Charged Defects in Diamond". [PDF]
    15:00, 29th March, M-342C, Uji Campus Main Building
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Open position

  • Our laboratory is inviting applications for a Postdoc Position (an Assitant Professor). The successful candidate will take part in a collaborative project that involves research on NV center for quantum sensing and/or quantum information science.
    See details「PDF